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  • Social Security Disability Income

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  • Disabled Widow Benefits

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  • Administrative Appeals

  • Federal Court Appeals*

  • VA Disability Claims and Appeals

*Federal Court Claims in the Northern District of Texas Only. 

Social Security Disability Benefits

Are You Unable to Work? Do you suffer from a serious physical or mental health medical condition? Are you having problems consistently sustaining employment or been forced to stop working because you can't keep up with the demands of work? Mr. Heeps can provide you the legal representation you need to fight for your Social Security disability benefits. Mr. Heeps has successfully represented hundreds of disabled Americans. A fierce advocate for his clients, Mr. Heeps represents clients at every level of the Social Security claims process. Contact our firm today for a free initial consultation.

I was already denied Social Security Benefits by a Judge. If you’ve already been to a Social Security hearing and been denied by an Administrative Law Judge Mr. Heeps can help. Mr. Heeps has successfully appealed cases when claimants were represented by other attorneys, non-attorney representatives,and unrepresented. Appeals are time sensitive – so contact our firm today for a free case evaluation.

My Social Security Appeal Was Denied. You have been to a hearing, been denied, filed your appeal – and now you have lost again. Social Security can be a frustrating process. However, you may still be able to file an appeal to the Federal District Court. If you live the Dallas-Fort Worth area Mr. Heeps may be able to appeal your case to the Federal District Court. If you have been told “we don’t file Federal Court claims” or “your case isn’t a good case for Federal Court” contact our firm immediately for your free case evaluation.Appeals to the Federal Court are very time sensitive. 

Veteran's Disability

If you are a veteran of the Armed Forces and have a condition, illness, or other health problem caused by your military service you may be entitled to disability benefits from the Veteran's Administration. Our firm works hard to make sure that Veterans and their families receive all the benefits offered by a grateful nation. The VA offers several different kinds of benefits including: service-connected disablities, dependency or indemnity compensation, special monthly compensation (SMC), combat-related special compensation (CRSC), individual unemployability (TDIU), and many more. 

Contact The Law Office of Jonathan A. Heeps to start your Social Security Disability or Veteran's Disability claim today. 

Social Security Disability and VA Disability Benefits